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Ashpeak - An online shrine to Marianne Curley
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This month's cover (Jan 05) is from Australia. To nominate Febuary's cover, email me.

The plot (Old Magic) -
Kate is a wiccan girl who was abandoned by her teenage mother as a baby. She has grown up with only one friend, Hannah Brelsford, and attends the local school, Ashpeak High.
Her life is quiet until she meets Jarrod Thornton, who has "The Gift" - and a curse.
Togther, they travel back to the middle ages, where they have to defeat Rhauk, the man who put the curse on the Thornton's...
The Named/ The Dark - COMING SOON

The Key (Marianne's forth novel) is going to be released in the UK, USA and Australia in Febuary. Information on The Key being released in August 04 was incorrect.

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